Crisis Services

Who provides the service? 
We have full-time, licensed crisis staff at our Lebanon and Wilmington office during regular business hours.  We have on-call personnel available after hours.  

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Who can use it? 
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Anyone who is experiencing a behavioral health crisis and is physically present in Warren or Clinton County.

What is it? 
Crisis intervention is brief (sometimes one session) face-to-face contact in which a crisis situation is assessed and recommendations for follow-up care are made.

Pre-hospital screening is a face-to-face assessment performed to determine the least restrictive treatment setting feasible to address a behavioral health emergency.  It also includes dispositional arrangements which range from hospitalization to a client returning home with a follow up plan to keep themselves and others safe. Pre-hospital screening is provided 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

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Outpatient Counseling; Mental Health

Who provides the service? 
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We have a staff of counselors, marriage/family therapists, psychologists and social workers licensed by the state of Ohio to provide services. 

Who can use it? 
The services are available on a sliding fee scale, based on family size and household income, to residents of Warren and Clinton County.  Ohio Medicaid recipients from anywhere may be served on a space-available basis. Most insurance plans are accepted.

What is it? 
Mental health counseling is aimed at changing behavior that interferes with some significant life area.  The basic process of change, no matter what model of counseling a therapist employs, involves establishing a trusting relationship in which to identify maladaptive beliefs and behaviors, helping the client find the motivation to change and helping the client develop more accurate beliefs and more effective behaviors, thereby providing relief from dysphoric emotions as well.

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Outpatient Counseling; Drug and Alcohol

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Who provides the service?
We have a staff of therapists credentialed according to standards promulgated by the State of Ohio to provide treatment services for alcohol and other drug problems. 

Who can use it? 
Adult and adolescent residents of Warren and Clinton Counties are eligible for services on a sliding fee scale based on family size and household income.  Ohio Medicaid recipients from anywhere may participate on a space-available basis.  Most insurance plans are accepted.

What is it? 
Alcohol/drug counseling encompasses developing trusting relationships, confronting maladaptive behaviors and beliefs and teaching skills to support a lifestyle abstinent from alcohol and other mood-altering drugs.  The counseling will include group treatment, individual and/or family treatment.  The intensity/ frequency of the service vary according to the assessed needs of the individual client as does the length of treatment.  Special groups for dually diagnosed (mental illness/substance abuse) clients and those who use prescription medication with potential for abuse are offered as needed. Vivitrol Medication assisted treatment offered on a limited basis.

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Psychiatric Services

Who provides the service?
Prescribing clinicians include psychiatrists (i.e., physicians trained in psychiatry), advanced practice nurses with prescription privileges, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. These providers work as part of a treatment team with therapists and case managers to augment those services.

Who can use it?
Adult, adolescent and child residents of Warren or Clinton County who have mental health problems that do not respond to counseling and/or case management alone. Ohio Medicaid recipients from anywhere, who also receive counseling and/or case management services from this agency, may also use this service. 

What is it?
Pharmacological management is the prescription of medications to change the mood, perception and/or thinking of persons whose symptoms do not respond to counseling or case management alone. The service includes the ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of this intervention, education of clients and parents/guardians about the potential benefits and risks (e.g., side effects) of such treatment. This intervention may make clients more amenable to other kinds of intervention such as counseling, case management and vocational services.

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Case Management

Who provides the service? 
Staff trained to provide the service and who are supervised by professional staff licensed by the State of Ohio.

Who can use it?
Adults designated as having Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (i.e., having a serious mental health diagnosis and serious and persistent impairment of role functioning) and children/adolescents designated Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (i.e., having a mental health problem other than a transient life circumstance and involvement with at least two child-serving systems).

What is it?
Case management is help with practical matters such as advocacy, linking to needed services and teaching or practicing community survival skills (e.g., self-management of emotions, budgeting, shopping, cooking, self-care, self-administration of medication) and personal growth skills (e.g., setting and maintaining interpersonal boundaries, keeping to a schedule). Skill-building in particular can be done either individually or in groups. Service intensity ranges from once every two or three months to more than once per day for those experiencing the most difficulty maintaining themselves in the community. 

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Child and Adolescent (SED) Services | Behavioral Health

Our services target children and youth who are experiencing problems related to their mental health symptoms and who are struggling to function effectively at home, in school, and in their social environments. We treat children and families in the environment that is most conducive to promoting positive changes in these areas, including home-based, school-based, and community-based services. Family involvement in treatment is strongly encouraged to help produce better long-term outcomes for the young person.

Behavioral Health Intensive Home-Based Treatment

Youth who are experiencing severe symptoms or disruptions in their ability to function at home, school, work, or in the community may benefit from Intensive Home-Based Treatment. This wrap-around program provides high-intensity counseling, case management, and psychiatric management (if needed) to help the client and family remain intact and reduce the severity of problems and symptoms and maintain the youth in the community.

Developmental Disabilities Intensive Home-Based Intervention

Geared toward children and youth with developmental disabilities, this program serves clients who are referred directly by the Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities for short-term, intensive home-based services to help creatively reduce behaviors and give families strategies for managing challenging symptoms. Services typically occur 3-5 times per week for 90 days.

Transitional-Aged Youth Program

Young people have unique needs that are often not adequately addressed by traditional child or adult programs. To assist young people in moving through transitions into adulthood, services in the Transitional-Aged Youth program are individually tailored to provide the most engaging and appealing support as the young person works toward their goals related to vocation, academics, housing, relationships, and mental health.

Parents and Children Together (PACT)

The PACT program provides specialized trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy to children who have experienced traumatic abuse and /or grief and loss and their non-offending parent/caregivers. During each of the program sessions the family works in groups (children groups, sibling groups, and parent/caregiver groups) to provide all family members an opportunity to process the effects of the abuse, especially the intense emotions that can accompany it. Sessions help families to develop supportive resources in their communities, prevent further exploitation and abuse of children, and assist families to remain intact.

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Vocational Services

Who provides the service?
Staff that are trained to provide vocational needs assessment, job coaching, job development and supervision of transitional employment.

Who can use it?
Residents of Warren or Clinton County who are most severely disabled by opioid dependence, severe and persistent mental illness, persons diverted from or returning from correctional facilities, veterans and transitional age youth.

What is it?
Assessment of vocational rehabilitation needs for the identified target populations and referral for service approval to the Rehabilitation Services Commission. Development of job opportunities in the community. Job coaching. Supervision of transitional employment.

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Crochet Mini Elegant Dress Plain Sleeve Swing Short Lace Mental Health Services and Prevention Programs

Child and adolescent mental health and alcohol and other drug problems are highly correlated with academic problems and juvenile justice involvement. Our prevention programs involve a holistic approach, addressing both mental health and alcohol and other drug issues in the context of community institutions; family group; individual children, teens and adults.

Prevention services offers a variety of programs on Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drug topics. We have a menu of programs to address a variety of topics and can also design training specifically for you or your organization. Programs are offered in local schools and other community locations. The goal of these programs is to:

  • Enhance the quality of life of individuals Wilmington, OH
  • Build Resilience and resistance skills Lebanon
  • Enhance functioning Springboro Mason, OH
  • Educate on Mental Health issues Springboro
  • Educate on Alcohol and Other Drugs

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is a process to supplement diagnostic interviewing. It is an intensive, short-term process that can;

  • Clarify diagnosis or validate diagnostic impressions
  • Inform treatment planning
  • Identify additional issues that warrant referral or professional intervention
  • Dress Plain Sleeve Lace Swing Elegant Mini Short Crochet Help answer specific questions that arise in other systems such as competency, guardianship of elderly or disabled persons.

Psychological testing may also supplement information obtained for other types of evaluations such as custody and visitation issues, parent-child reunification and need for supervision.

Because of the nature of this service, it is available in limited quantity. Our priority for providing this service is as follows:

  1. Assessments ordered by a Court or Child Protective Services
  2. Short Crochet Plain Swing Lace Sleeve Elegant Mini Dress Internal referrals from other Solutions providers for diagnostic clarification and to help Solutions clients qualify for particular programs and services

We do not currently have sufficient capacity to perform disability evaluations for Social Security or to perform educational testing for school IEPs.

Anger Management

Our anger management classes, geared toward adults with legal troubles related to anger and violence, focuses on behavioral change through identification of triggers and development of skills to eliminate acting out in anger or rage. It is not a Batterer’s Intervention program. Our anger managementcounseling employs an evidenced-based treatment approach that utilizes an Anger Management SAMSHA workbook. Most participants have some connection to the criminal justice system and are therefore mandated to attend, but that is not required. The program is facilitated 4 times per year and consists of 10 weekly group sessions.

Who can participate?
Referrals must be made at the Mason office, please bring along any appropriate court paperwork (if applicable).

Who provides the service?
A Master’s level licensed clinician.

The cost of the program is $225 and covers all sessions, anger management classes, and the required workbook.

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Anger management counseling is onlyShirt Sleeve Loose T Round Chic Letter Printed Neck Short Pw4xv8vq provided at our Kingsview location

  About Us

Our cardinal value...

We respect the dignity and potential of every individual we serve.

Sleeve Elegant Dress Swing Lace Short Crochet Plain Mini To achieve our mission, we value:

Crochet Mini Short Lace Plain Swing Elegant Sleeve Dress Community 
Being responsive and accessible to our community 

Delivering access and consistent practice based on individual needs 

Nurturing positive relationships with others for better results 

Embracing change with a positive attitude 

Pursuing the highest service quality and effectiveness  

Acting professionally and adhering to high standards  

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Being worthy of public investment by being accountable, productive and efficient


Solutions promotes wellness in mind, body and spirit through the provision of effective, affordable mental health and alcohol/drug services that promote recovery, overall health and a sense of belonging. 

Elegant Plain Lace Mini Swing Dress Crochet Sleeve Short Accreditation:

Crochet Sleeve Lace Short Elegant Dress Mini Swing Plain Additionally:

Where required, Solutions’ individual service providers are licensed by various professional boards such as the Boutique Boutique Casual Skirt Skirt Casual Casual Skirt Skirt Boutique Casual Skirt Boutique Casual Boutique Casual Skirt Boutique AU0AO; the Neck Sleeve Face Long Japanese Printed Round Sad Sweatshirt Letter Rx6nqwPnX; the J Pullover Crew Wool Sweater Boutique 6vdtwfq64x; and thePromotion Turn Turn U Promotion Turn Turn U U Promotion Promotion U fHxn7qrH. Solutions also holds licenses as a terminal distributor of medications by the Volcom Frickin Frickin Stretch Volcom Short Stretch Short Volcom 18H8znx.

System Organization 

SOLUTIONS is a organization of the combined provider agencies Mental Health & Recovery Centers of Warren County and Mental Health & Recovery Center of Clinton County, Inc.  The services we provide are: 

  • Crisis services
  • Outpatient counseling for mental health and alcohol/drug problems
  • Psychiatric (pharmacological management) services
  • Plain Dress Sleeve Elegant Crochet Lace Mini Swing Short Case management
  • Supervised group residence
  • Vocational services
  • Other specialized services


Main Office

975 Kingsview Drive
Lebanon, OH 45036

Phone: 513.228.7800
Fax: 513.228.7846

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Lebanon Office 

204 Cook Road
Lebanon, OH 45036

Phone: 513.934.7119
Fax: 513.695.2952 

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Springboro Office

50 Greenwood Lane
Springboro, OH 45066

Phone: 937.746.1154
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Fax: 937.746.8523 

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Mason Office

201 Reading Road
Mason, OH 45040

Phone: 513.398.2551
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Fax: 513.459.7300

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Wilmington Office

953 S. South Street
Wilmington, OH 45177

Phone: 937.383.4441
Fax: 937.383.2916 


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24 HR Crisis Hotline: 877.695.6333


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