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Our Purpose

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Together, we can ensure our ability to control our reproductive destinies.

Our Focus

Our advocacy work aims to ensure safe and compassionate access to care.


Ensuring everyone has access to the best family planning method for them

Access to Care

Advocating for all reproductive health care needs throughout life

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Policy Work 22 States Where we worked on legislative issues last yearColorful Sweatshirt Pullover Cartoon Printed Long Owls Round Neck Sleeves qwUS7rvqFg
Advocacy Training 326 Graduates Of the Leadership Training Academy
National Reach 42 States With trained physician advocates

Our Expert Opinions

PRH in the News
Sleeve Sun Long Pullover with Pocket Fashionable Printed Moon Totem Hoodie wq5IxXPa August 23, 2018

Sen. Kamala Harris introduces bill to fight black maternal health disparities. Here’s what to know.

Dr. Aisha Wagner spoke with Mic.com about a new maternal health bill that would be an important first step to reduce maternal mortality.

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August 21, 2018

Breast-Feeding in Public Is an LGBTQ Issue, So Let’s Make It Easier

Dr. Terez Yonan explains why a California bill will protect LGBTQIA nursing parents.

August 10, 2018

Reproductive Health Care Advocates Applaud Gov. Cuomo’s Campaign to Combat Fake Clinics in New York

“There is no room in medical care for false advertising and lying to patients,” said Dr. Anne Davis, Consulting Medical Director, about fake women’s health centers.

Support Us

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Deepen your reproductive health knowledge Medical Education


Read stories and tell your story Voices of Courage


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Embroidered Jacket Collared New Denim Sleeve Long Floral qnSx4wIYx Embroidered Jacket Collared New Denim Sleeve Long Floral qnSx4wIYx Embroidered Jacket Collared New Denim Sleeve Long Floral qnSx4wIYx
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